• Lincolnshire 30 under 30 – a true testament to the young talent in our District

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Lincolnshire 30 under 30 – a true testament to the young talent in our District

This year out of the 30 highlighted in The Lincolnites 30 under 30, 6 are based in North Kesteven, a true testament to the young talent in our district. See below for a short summary of those recognised for their excellence, or view the full list of 30 under 30.

Callum Donnelly, 28, Design Lead, Fizzco

Callum’s innovative approach extends to mastering 3D Matterport technology and 3D modelling. His digital designs offer a more immersive product and understanding, reducing environmental impact.

Charlotte Massingham, 26, Teacher and Arts Lead, Church Lane Primary School 

Charlotte embodies a devotion to education that transcends the classroom. She creates a stimulating learning environment that nurtures not just knowledge but also curiosity and critical thinking.

Emma Brearley, 27, Brand Manager, Tillotts Pharma UK Limited

Upon her promotion to Associate Brand Manager of a £2.7 million brand, Emma swiftly launched a new product, capturing a 6% market share within two months. Emma is now preparing for an international secondment in Switzerland as a Global Brand Lead.

Jonathan Hadleigh, 27, Marketing Assistant, Integrity Software Systems

Jonathan has taken on significant responsibilities within the company’s Green Team and Works Council. These roles underscore his dedication to sustainability, as he helps maintain the company’s Carbon Neutral+ status.

Shannon Riglin, 28, Managing Director, Tiffin & Co Bakehouse Ltd

Shannon has piloted the company to impressive heights despite the economic challenges of the past two years. A significant leap was the £50,000 investment in a new production unit in Sleaford, enahncing production capabilities, meeting the demand of a growing client base.

Jacob Lord, 25 Director, Seraph Technologies / Construct3D

Jacob is the inventor behind the UK’s fastest 3D printer and he has disrupted the additive manufacturing world with his invention. Their claims of speed, reliability, and quality were later independently verified by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), which found the printer to outperform competitors priced 100 times higher.