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1,818 jobs are supported by tourism

94% of North Kesteven's 93,000 ha is green space

Our population grew by 14% between 2001 and 2011 - twice the UK average

Why invest in NK

North Kesteven has four times the rate of national employment growth. It has created new businesses five percent faster than anywhere else in Britain. We are building 15,000 new homes and we want to create 14,000 new jobs in the next 20 years.

We are a rural district in the ‘Heart of Lincolnshire’ lying immediately south of the city of Lincoln, a vibrant cathedral city with major tourist attractions and a fast-improving Top 50 University.

North Kesteven offers attractive rural lifestyles for working people and their families with lively towns and villages and excellent schools. NK is the safest place to live in England. Halifax bank has ranked North Kesteven as the 36th best district to live in within the entire country, based on a survey of all 405 local authorities in the UK.

In the last 20 years, the local economy has consistently grown faster than that of its neighbours and the national average. Key growth sectors include food and farming, manufacturing, engineering, and construction, while since 2000 there has been considerable growth in the services sector, particularly business services, retail and tourism.

Furthermore, we have the opportunity to invest £200 million in council priorities through our capital programme over the next ten years, building on investment over the last five years of £75 million in more than 200 new homes, economic development, Sleaford Leisure Centre, ONE NK, and council assets such as the new depot. The Capital Programme includes £50 million investment in new homes within the housing revenue account, £40 million in new homes through Lafford Homes, and £40 million in the development of Sleaford Moor Enterprise Park.

A factory in North Kesteven

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