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There are lots of commercial developers and agents operating throughout North Kesteven. A selection of new developments offering a wide range of commercial premises is shown below, along with links to the relevant developer web-pages. North Kesteven District Council is not responsible for the content of any external link.

We have over 100 ha of allocated, serviced employment land for development and over 100 units over a number of sites. We work proactively with local landowners and agents to ensure an adequate supply of well connected strategic sites. We have a focused spatial strategy supporting business hubs and corridors in three key locations;

Lincoln: Teal Park and LN6

Witham St Hughes: St Modwen Park Lincoln

Sleaford: Sleaford Moor Enterprise Park

We offer one-to-one advice and support for SMEs and entrepreneurs with growth plans. We operate over 100 workspaces over ten sites in the District aimed at providing the right kind of spaces to support growth of SMEs and micro businesses.

The Lincolnshire Broadband initiative invested £48M in ensuring that 90% of North Kesteven was superfast (20mb) by 2017.