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Business Adviser

Business Adviser

North Kesteven District Council offers the services of Business Support Adviser, Phil Means.

Phil Means was previously the Business Link Skills Coordinator for Lincolnshire and Rutland and before joining, Phil worked in retail management with companies such as Sainsbury’s and Homebase. He has an ILM Level 5 in Business Skills and holds experience in the financial service industry working in both the corporate finance and investment markets.

Phil can assist your business with the following services:

  • Start-up Advice
  • Business Planning
  • Grants and Funding
  • Development and Skills
  • Sales and Marketing

To get in touch or for more information, see Phil’s contact details on the Our Team page.

“I contacted NKDC approximately two and a half years ago asking for business advice and support. I was delighted to find that unlike other areas NKDC have a wealth of help and advice they can offer individuals looking to become self employed or set up a business. I have contacted other channels for advice and drawn a blank so I was so relieved to hear that NKDC had a specialist advisor called Phil Means on hand to assist, furthermore I was offered as much or as little support as needed, so if I needed practical advice and help with setting up business that would be catered for or if I simply had queries relating to just one area of business advice such as accounting or tax and national insurance that would be addressed. I contacted Phil and made an appointment to meet! Phil was great and easy to talk to, actually we talked for hours and I learnt so much! At first I was at the stage where I was bouncing my ideas about and Phil helped me hugely to refine and focus my ideas with his practical brain! Since that time to the present date, Phil has been an absolute necessity in my business development and I feel that his positive regard and advice to help me succeed in business has been invaluable and I am grateful to NKDC for the fact that they provide this exceptional service for the community and Phil with his extensive business knowledge and skills. I know I can rely on Phil to steer me in the right direction and I completely trust his advice and business integrity and after all this time I feel that thanks to Phil and NKDC I have been able to turn my dream of running a business into a reality and I’ve made a trusted friend! Thank you Phil and NKDC!” – Amelia Bailey, Tilly’s Tea & Gift Shop

“I have been self employed all my working life and after a total change in career over 9 years ago, I was lucky enough to take over a successful business in catering.  Approximately 6 months ago, when my business had been struggling for a while, I was introduced to Phil Means, Business Advisor at NKDC. His knowledge and advice has made me feel much more positive about the future. Also, his suggestion regarding a new project as a ‘back- up’ plan was initially daunting but after each meeting with him, his encouragement and support made me realise that nothing is impossible with the right help and we are moving forward with this new venture. As a small business, I have often thought there isn’t any support for people like me but Phil has proven me wrong. From pointing me in the right direction for information, to assisting with filling in daunting forms, Phil is first class. I would definitely recommend that anyone searching for advice and support in business contacts Phil, sooner rather than later” – Jayne Wilkinson, Jayne’s Pantry

“I was given Phil’s details by a fellow small business owner and despite her singing Phil’s praises I went into my first meeting not entirely sure how he could help with my new business. An hour and a half later and I’d been blown away by our discussion and the suggestions Phil made. I’ve subsequently gone back and reviewed my business plan and with Phil’s help I’m dreaming bigger than I ever thought possible. I feel re-energised about my business and with Phil’s help I’ve got an action plan to grow and develop. I can’t recommend Phil enough – he’s thoughtful, understanding, insightful and supportive. Thank you Phil and NKDC for providing this wonderful service!” – Natalie Walker, Toastworthy Events