• Free access to Zellar for SMEs in North Kesteven

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    Free access to Zellar for SMEs in North Kesteven

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Free access to Zellar for SMEs in North Kesteven

The UK is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, and here in North Kesteven we’re aiming for 2030. With the UK’s SMEs accounting for 90% of businesses and around half of turnover, their collective impact is huge, so it’s vital that smaller businesses are part of the journey.

We know it’s hard for small businesses to make time to focus on sustainability, but the opportunities are huge so you don’t want to miss out. That’s where our offer of free support from Zellar comes in. Zellar guides you through the process of calculating and understanding your carbon emissions and then builds an achievable plan to reduce them, based on the size and sector of your company.

Consumers are becoming more climate aware and demand for businesses to commit to sustainability is growing more prevalent. Our own survey shows North Kesteven residents are more concerned than most, with 86% stating they want to see businesses being more sustainable. We can help you on your journey to sustainability; businesses using the Zellar app and website can reduce emissions and save up to £4,100 in energy bills. North Kesteven District Council have subsidised 300 Zellar licences for businesses in North Ketseven. One year’s fully subsidised access to Zellar is worth £299 and sign up takes less than 90 seconds.

To qualify for a free one-year Zellar licence a business must be a micro-SME (up to 10 employees) or SME (under 250 employees) with a base in North Kesteven. The offer is available to the first 300 qualifying enterprises that apply before 31 March 2024. By joining Get Zero Get Zellar North Kesteven District Council will also gain access to consolidated data reports, to enable it to track the emissions reduction progress of local businesses.

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Zellar’s energy savings calculator:

Use Zellar’s energy savings calculator below to see how much your business could save.

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