• Waste cooking oil theft

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Waste cooking oil theft

There is an escalating issue regarding the theft of waste cooking oil from the hospitality and catering industry across the UK.

Commercial operators cannot pour their waste oils down the sink. Instead they must collect their waste cooking oil and pass it to a registered waste carrier, who will pay approx. 25p/litre for it. It is this storage and collection that
is being targeted by criminals. More information can be found on this EA Waste Cooking Oil Bulletin  from the Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency is interested in details of:

  • Spates or hotspots where cooking oil theft occurs
  • Vehicles which are suspected of being involved in waste cooking oil theft
  • Drivers or passengers using the vehicle and the paperwork they use to prove that they are legitimate (e.g. waste carriers licence or waste transfer receipts)

If you have any intelligence, please email the National Intelligence Team, with the reference ‘WASTE COOKING OIL’: