• Destination Management Plan workshops

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Destination Management Plan workshops

Over the next few weeks, a new 5-year plan for the visitor economy will be developed. If yoy run visitor economy businesses and lead teams in tourism, retail, leisure and hospitality, you’re invited be part of its creation.

The first session is taking place face-to-face at International Bomber Command Centre, on July 26th from 9.30-11.30am, where you will be invited to share your views on:

• Priorities, vision and aspirations for the future – what will work and what needs to happen?

• What are the visitor economy/destination strengths, challenges, and opportunities?

• In terms of current destination management, what works/what doesn’t?

• What do you think needs to happen in the future?

• How do you see yourselves involved in a) the process and b) the implementation?

You can book your space HERE.