• Covid Safety Ambassadors on hand across the District

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Covid Safety Ambassadors on hand across the District

Two Covid Safety Ambassadors will be on hand across the District to protect the health of communities, while bolstering public confidence in high streets and retail areas.

One, Joe Walker, is already in place and started this Monday, 11 January. He has experience working with the public as a pub General Manager as well as additional training for the role. A second ambassador is due to join him on Monday.

Working as a pair, they will explain, encourage and engage on best practice and compliance for businesses in various settings.

In their role they will:

  • Cover different times of day and will work to identify and support those businesses found not to be following government guidelines.
  • Be easily identifiable with uniforms and carry identification documents from the Council.
  • Approach customers not following Covid guidance and encourage them to comply.
  • Never call to a residential property, only working within business premises and public spaces.

They do not hold the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices, which remains the remit of police and Local Authority enforcement officers. Any business matters requiring enforcement will be escalated to the relevant partners including the local Environmental Health Team.

The ambassadors will be in place until the end of March and will be provided using Government funding identified specifically for this purpose.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Mark Stuart (Public Protection Manager) on 01529 308287 or [email protected]