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Photography is something I have always had a passion for and was initially just a hobby, however once I realised there was potential for this to become a business I started searching for help and support, however I was underwhelmed with the support I found.

Following this I did a search for business support in North Kesteven and found the Business NK website and in particular the business adviser page which introduced me to Phil Means. I sent him an email and got a fairly swift response, we had several, long phone conversation which were incredibly helpful.

The conversations made me focus on what I really wanted from my business and how I should approach it. He made me really focus on the planning and setting out my goals for my business. I wasn't aware of the service beforehand so I was really pleased to have found Phil. Our conversations were all over the phone due to the Covid situation. We will meet up in person as soon as we are both able. I've found Phil’s advice, encouragement and enthusiasm very beneficial and left me feeling positive about the future. I would encourage anyone thinking of starting a business to get in touch with Phil.

Kevin Lynes,, Lincs 360
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