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I have been self employed all my working life and after a total change in career over 9 years ago, I was lucky enough to take over a successful business in catering. Approximately 6 months ago, when my business had been struggling for a while, I was introduced to Phil Means, Business Advisor at NKDC.

His knowledge and advice has made me feel much more positive about the future. Also, his suggestion regarding a new project as a ‘back- up’ plan was initially daunting but after each meeting with him, his encouragement and support made me realise that nothing is impossible with the right help and we are moving forward with this new venture. As a small business, I have often thought there isn’t any support for people like me but Phil has proven me wrong. From pointing me in the right direction for information, to assisting with filling in daunting forms,

Phil is first class. I would definitely recommend that anyone searching for advice and support in business contacts Phil, sooner rather than later

Jayne Wilkinson, Jayne’s Pantry
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Jayne’s Pantry