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I initially got in contact with Phil Means after a friend had received similar assistance in Newark, so through her recommendation I looked to see what support North Kesteven District Council offer. That’s when I discovered Phil Means and his role as Business Support Adviser. I reached out to Phil mainly for an outside opinion and advice on my business so I could really understand whether my idea was viable and could become a business.

Phil helped in creating a plan and formulating my ideas helping in different areas to visualise my idea and how this could become a business whilst also assisting with the forecast and figures all of which combined helped start my business and turn what was an initial idea into a business. After sitting down with Phil we looked at ideas to start to pull everything together. Phil massively helped me with the numbers, he understood the calculations and how I would calculate the average spend of a customer this definitely being an area I was struggling in. Following this he asked me to consider three key steps for my business specifically to create a plan, of which focused on different areas that I would have perhaps overlooked otherwise.

Another aspect of the process that Phil helped in was suggesting I carry out research as he felt this would give me a better understanding of my desired audience and how my new offering would be received. Throughout the process support mechanisms were brought to my attention that I otherwise would not have known about, this is also the case with regards to start up loans, and grants that were available to me and which were suitable specifically to my business. Without his knowledge in this area these opportunities would have been missed and with the start-up loan I would have just got a business one instead which would have definitely been a missed opportunity.

Phil’s support wasn’t limited to his individual offerings but he also put me in contact with the right contacts such as a member of the planning team at the council, as we started to look for units for my business it became apparent there would be some issues as it was difficult to find a match as we faced issues with usage of the units. However despite facing complications both the planning team and Phil helped to find a solution to the problem and in the end I found a suitable unit for my business.

I think without Phil Means and his support I would really question whether my business would have happened at all, because I wanted to do this two years ago so it is definitely thanks to his support that I was able to execute my idea and turn it into a business. I would definitely advice any business to contact Phil, specifically if you are new to being self-employed then I think he would be a huge support for sure.

I am still in contact with Phil we have an ongoing relationship and I know there is no deadline for the support offered, he said to just contact him if in need of any support he’s only an email away and he’s even popped in a few times just to see how things are going with the business.

I also have future plans to develop the unit and the business, and for these areas I am still working with Phil on my new ideas and again he is providing me contacts to access my future plans before going forward with any work.

Dena Field, Delightful Hair & Beauty
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Delightful Hair & Beauty