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Sleaford is the largest settlement in North Kesteven, a growing town of nearly 19,500 inhabitants with a history of manufacturing that goes back more than 2 millennia. From Made in Sleaford to the Sleaford Masterplan and Heart of Sleaford, the economic development team is involved in a host of projects in the town. There are a number of key studies relating to Sleaford, including Sleaford Town Centre VisionSleaford Strategic Delivery PlanSleaford Urban Design StudySleaford Signage Strategy, Sleaford Strategic Delivery Plan,the 2011 Sleaford Masterplan and the Sleaford Masterplan Refresh. 

Sleaford Moor Enterprise Park

Sleaford Moor Enterprise Park

North Kesteven District Council’s vision for Sleaford Moor Enterprise Park is ‘a premier strategic employment park servicing Sleaford’s ambition for economic and employment growth, meeting the needs of fast growing local businesses in key sectors and facilitating inward investment’.

The authority purchased the site in May 2017 in order to bring forward this Strategic Employment Site, as categorised in the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, for economic development. The site has, for a number of reasons, failed to be delivered by the market.

Since acquisition, North Kesteven have been progressing plans for the site and secured a hybrid planning consent in March 2021. Following recent procurement exercises, a contract has been let to deliver the strategic utilities for the site and the strategic infrastructure. The first phase of industrial development is due to commence this year.

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Sleaford Moor Enterprise Park brochure

Phase One brochure

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